Kelly Gentle

Would you believe that I started this amazing journey all because of a dream? An actual, honest to goodness dream, and I joined the next day. I had no idea of what I was getting myself into, but I just knew if I thought of "what if it doesn't work" I would talk myself out of it... how many other things had I tried before to better my life, to better my health, to better provide for my family and had failed...Yet I knew I had been sent this dream for a reason. This was my calling, to change my life, the lives of my family and the lives of others! If I had let my fears talk me out of it... I would still be at Wal-Mart, I would still be on food stamps and I would still be unable to properly care for my family and their needs. 

Picture this, a mother of three, high school graduate, limited college, working dead end jobs, paycheck to paycheck, receiving food stamps, wondering when the hits were gonna stop coming so she could try to rise above it all. Confidence so low that even though she wanted to lose weight, she figured, what was the point, never gonna look good in a swimsuit, never gonna get that spark back in her marriage...would get somewhat motivated to try and start losing weight or try to get a promotion with her jobs but that dark cloud hanging over her head would start raining and all hope would be lost within the week. She gets so depressed that she tells her husband that he needs to check her into the hospital because she wants to kill herself and she knows if she doesn't get help now, she will end her life. Through the medication that the Psychiatrist perscribes and through very unhealthy diet (what diet, she wasn't eating she was drinking mountian dew and smoking cigarettes, she had no appetite, her marriage, her life was over...) she goes from a size 18/20 down to a 14. Still this is a lot of weight for someone who is only 5'4". She starts to feel better, her and her husband decide to give their marriage another try, if only for the sake of the kids at the time. Can't seem to get down past the size 14, but only because she doesn't truly try and change her lifestyle. 

She decides to join a group that is testing a new product for It Works and her results are amazing, she sees a difference with her weight, and as the numbers go down, her confidence goes up. Her husband sees the difference, he comments to others that he sees a difference. She is chosen as a finalist for this test group that gets to speak at the conference in Florida! The conference changes her life even more, the motivation is strengthened, the drive and determination is amped up. Looking back at what she has earned she sees that she is making more than what she did at Walmart. Could this really be true?! Helping others succeed with their goals, in turn, helps her succeed too!? 

So what are you waiting for? I know you have been reading my posts, I know you are wondering if it is too good to be true, or maybe you're thinking "Sure it is working for her, but I could never do that..." Stop letting your fear of the unknown control your future! Dare to dream, not just dream but DREAM BIG! Dare to challenge what is the normal way of living, of the rat race of punching a time clock, of the putting yourself in debt just to survive! 

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